My Allowance Version 1.1.0 with support for Vodafone

I have released version 1.1.0 into the Android Market.

This release includes the addition of support for UK Vodafone accounts.
I have also made a few changes to the user interface and added support for usage counts for unlimited plans.

7 thoughts on “My Allowance Version 1.1.0 with support for Vodafone

  1. Doesn’t seem to work for me on vodafone. I’ve checked that the site is up and my userid and password are correct. It just sits their on the loading screen timing out then after an age (over 30 minutes) it came back with an error saying it couldn’t connect.

  2. @Tom, I plan to add support for other networks soon, hopefully this month.
    @Paul, sorry to hear you having issues, Vodafone’s system is very flaky but I suspect if you can use their website fine its something i’ve missed, I’ll look into the issue and resolve it asap!

  3. Just installed your app and it’s pretty good, but my o2 text allowance is broken into two bundles and it only appears to be tracking one of them. It would be more useful if they were collated. If you want to add this I’m willing to help test it.

  4. Hey Rob. I have bought your app off the Market and needed to reflash my phone just after. Now when I go to the market your app aint showing up at all. 🙁 I can send you my receipt from Android Market showing you my purchase. Help!!

  5. I’ve just downloaded My Allowance but it doesn’t work for me.
    On the usage tab it just says
    Having trouble loading your usage

    My operator is vodafone. And I’m on a samsung android phone.

    I tried contacting you via the “market” but there didn’t appear to be any way to do that.


  6. Hey Rob,

    I too have just downloaded it for my galaxy on vodafone. However it doesn’t display any data after i have logged in, is there anyway to solve this problem ?

    Thanks for any help

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