Keep track of your mobile usage with ‘My Allowance’ for Android

My Allowance app for Android.
Allows you to keep track of your mobile usage


  • Current allowance usage
  • Overspend during the current billing period
  • Details of your last and next bill

The app is in its early stages, but I believe has all the information needed to make it useful to people now.
I plan to make improvements to the UI, Speed and add more networks. (At the moment only O2 UK is supported)

All you need is an O2 online account. Input your login details and your away.

You can get it from the Android Market for just 59p

Here’s a couple of screenshots

Any suggestions, issue or feedback, please feed free to comment here, or drop me an email.


3 thoughts on “Keep track of your mobile usage with ‘My Allowance’ for Android

  1. Rob
    I have just added your app to my HTC Desire for Vodafone and it works well, although if you could get any more detailed breakdowns, especially on “Recent charges” that would be great.
    I have also posted a link to your site on the VF – HTC Desire eForum (hope you don’t mind) as I had added a post wondering why VF hadn’t created one instead of wasting time and annoying HTC Desire uses with 360 apps – but that another story.
    Any cheers

  2. Hi Steve,
    It seems that the data available for vodafone is very inconsistent, some users account have more information than others such as ‘padders’ on the VF forum, I’m doing my best to improve the data provided.

    Building an app for android is probably low on VF’s schedule the iPhone is a much popular platform so I can understand their reasons, others are the same, during my research it would appear ‘My allowance’ is the only live usage app available for UK androids.

    Thanks for getting in touch, if you have any suggestions or problems please drop me an email.

  3. Hi,

    I got this app for my new HTC Desire, I login with my vodaphone account and get the error:

    [class HTTP response code: 500]

    Please reply shortly 🙂

    Robert (Couldn’t find your email 🙂 )

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